Maritza and Daniel

The power of photography lies not in what can be captured. What is a photograph anyway but a sequence of bits and gradients; impressions of light and shadows shaded onto film-

The power of photography lies in deciding what parts of a moment can be cropped and thus by definition, in choosing what to leave in. Compounded by the premise that time is a fleeting thing, a photograph is an unrelenting and unforgiving decision to exclude or include.

Do we as photographers have the discipline to silence a clamoring moment and boil everything down to its essence? If we can, then we have learned the first thing about love.

To love is to choose and to choose to love. To love is to cast away and to cast away to love. And what is left- what we hold on to- is its true essence.

Martiza & Daniel, Palisades Interstate Park, NJ



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