Jersey City, New Jersey Engagement at Liberty State Park

Gunjan and Ridham

I went to school in Jersey City, New Jersey. Photographing Gunjan and Ridham's engagement at Liberty State Park was a very homecoming experience. The park is a historical landmark overlooking the Hudson River and the New York Skyline- the Statue of Liberty can be seen from one of the long promenades facing the south.

Gunjan and Ridham came to meet me on a cooler afternoon. The sun was just about to the point of golden and the light reflecting off the reeds and the grass native to the area. A small family walked by and some joggers too, happily occupied with their afternoon run.

We started our walk as the sun dipped lower and closer to the horizon- orange light and purple tones deflecting against the million particles of dust kicked up by the evening rush. Open sky in Northern New Jersey is a rare thing, but the park has some.  The sky an open canvass- frequented occasionally by the seagull or flying-V of Canadian Geese or the commute of the local New York choppers. 

Next to the water, there are some broken pier ruins and old steel rail lines that seem to have been used to transport goods to the shipping area and the greater Hudson. The ferry passes by here and it's a learned trick to move quickly as the wake from the boats washes in. Facing southwest is a beautiful sunset against the Hudson. Streaks of pink, purple and blue. It's quiet, except for the lapping waves.

In the distance there are couples walking. Their conversations are muted by the wind and waves. There are seagulls flying overhead. The ferry comes back with the evening rush and they look on at us on the pier.

I enjoyed this afternoon with Gunjan and Ridham. New Jersey is my home and the skyline and its sunset are the backdrop to my youthful years. I was happy to watch this sunset. I wish you both the best. I wish you life and love and more walks. And more sunsets.

Jose MelgarejoComment