After the hailstorm... sunset at Venice Beach, California

"Hello! I just about cried when I saw your post, it's so true! I feel that I'm always behind the camera and my hubby and I don't have any photos together. I think the last time we had nice photos of the two of us was our wedding, no joke!"

A month ago, I decided to embark on a trip to Los Angeles to be a photographer for photographers.

Like Shayla, I felt about the same; always behind the camera and never in front. Before I left, I left a post for the community to see if I could meet some local artists and I received her note above. I had a good feeling about everything and so we planned an afternoon for sunset out in Venice Beach. 

We got to Venice and it poured rain. And determined, we shot a few moments and images through the weather. Then, out of the sky came hail- shifting with the wind to fall onto the streets. A glittery layer on Venice. And soon the sky opened up for the sun and we shot. Birds flew overhead. It was a good day.

Shayla, I hope these images are the stuff of memories and I hope they make you proud. You and Matt- you both are amazing.