Hector and Laura in the Canary Islands

Wind brought the surf back as the clouds turned a cotton candy pink on La Graciosa. This was our first afternoon on the island.

I spent a week on the Canary Islands with the Wolves Photography Workshop. Learning and photographing with the world's best wedding photographers. 

The island where we lived and photographed- La Graciosa is beautiful. It is off the coast of Morocco- part of the greater island chain of the Canary Islands- Islas Canarias or "Islands of the Dogs." The region was a stop over port for the Spanish. Here, the trade winds whistle past the docks throughout the day. The same winds rush and shift the sands along its wild beaches.

Hues of gold and lavender tint the sky around sunset. The sand and rocks turn colder and darker as they return the warmth borrowed from the daytime hours. Gulls zip past and hover over their island without much care for what's below. 

Hector and Laura are Canarios. Their energy is that of the islands. Focused, yet calm and inviting. It's this energy I hope to represent in these images. Amidst the beautiful and the wild.