Couples Sunrise At Long Beach, California

We started the day at sunrise. It was cold for the Los Angeles area, about 42 degrees with a slight breeze. The type of cold that keeps you walking to stay warm. Kayla and Tony met me at the closest Seven-Eleven store. Broadway was quiet and sleepy with a few cars setting out to beat the rush. Starting out from Pine Square, We walked around the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse to Cesar Chavez park, where some of the iconic murals of Long Beach reside. We were met with the warming rays of first light and the oncoming bustle of residents and their cars on the 710 nearby. Kayla is an East-Coaster, and Tony from SoCal. Sweet energy and a cool devotion to each other. You can tell when there is kindness, softness and love. We ended the our morning with coffee and tea at a local breakfast stop with dollar chocolate pudding cake on the side. It's downtown Long Beach, after all.