Pat's 30 Acres - Alexa and Matt

Our vision was to bring together a tight knit circle of creatives around a couple in love. Alexa and Matt had just that. The sincere kind that runs on jokes and closeness both.

It is always humbling to be able to see snippets of people's lives- as a photographer, we are lucky to be welcomed into a glimpse of life underneath all the layers.


Alexa, Matt and I spent most of our time together walking along the lake and into the woods. Finding areas of shade and shadow and waiting for moments when the light would peek through. The air was fresh with spring and misty from the rains that had passed.

Back where we started our walk, our friends had put together a gathering for the afternoon. The Piaggio Ape is a mobile bar. Paper flowers handmade and arranged with loving hands into artisan frames. Our determined, creative energies coming together to see if we could do it.

If we could create something beautiful.


The Roving Bar; Hair and Makeup: BiancaLauren for Lock and Shade; Flowers by Desiree Dean Designs and Paper Flowers by Harley Rose Studio; Chandelier Himmelis by Sanctum Handmade; Style by Foolish Ginger; the Ring by Gold Fever

Thank you to Matt, Audrey, Jacquelyn and Rebecca for your spirit.

And for our venue, Pat's 30 Acres.

Jose MelgarejoComment