Kind Words from Friends

There was absolutely no hesitation when Jose asked us for a testimonial about our experience working with him and his wife. Then it came time to actually put pen to paper, that’s when we started to second guess our decision but only because neither of us like writing. We soon realized we were simply over thinking a rather simple situation. You see, creating a story or reaching to find the perfect words to paint a picture would not do their work justice. Instead, simply being honest would be more then enough to generate a narrative to our picture perfect story.

We will start with the moment Mari made it clear that we would need a photographer for our wedding. I’m a simple guy who prefers staying out of pictures. Needless to say I was not looking forward to searching for a photographer and even less to the process of actually being photographed. Here we are two shoots, one wedding, dozens of discussions, and thousands of pictures later and we could not be happier with our choice to work with Jose and Jennifer. For starters, their natural work attracted us. Their “pitch” to us was humble, real, and honest. Our meetings leading up to the big day were informative and productive. The shoots themselves were simple and fun. Their confidence, passion for their work and calm demeanors simply put our nerves at ease. You can see for yourself, the results are genuinely sincere images that all together capture the essence of our chaotic, love filled, emotional wedding day. Everytime we look at our pictures, we can’t help but relive our journey through that day.

Jose and Jennifer helped us through much more then just our photography. They were calm voices throughout a hectic night that helped keep us grounded. They knew just how much it meant to us to actually enjoy our wedding night. Rather than trying to recreate that, they simply documented us actually enjoying our night. They worked tirelessly and patiently to keep us and all of our guests satisfied. It was great to hear from our guests just how much they too liked our choice of photographers. They were always professional, honest and kept an open line of communication.

We say all of that to say that what began in an aura of uncertainty for us ended with complete satisfaction and happiness. Thank you Jose and Jen for helping make our dream a reality.
— Mari and Daniel Ramirez
Jose and Jen captured candid, poignant expressions of our one-year old daughter at the time, which will forever allow us to remember the memories of those precious moments during her first year. Jose and Jen worked effortlessly and creatively with our daughter, taking great care to explain what they were doing to her as well. We are very grateful to Jose and Jen for helping us preserve the memories of our first year as parents.
— Adela Effendy
I love working with Jose and Jen! They have captured many of the important moments in my family’s life. No matter what the location or situation has been, they were always able to show the beauty of the moment. They have an amazing ability to make people feel so comfortable and relaxed. I look forward to working with them again.
— Yuri Giffen