Tips for the best engagement photo session

Documenting moments. I step back and let interactions unfold- I find the best photos in fleeting seconds, glances and happenings at a blink of an eye. Moments between moments, if you will. Here's a short list of what creates good energy for photography.

Be truthfully YOU.

Take your energy to the shoot. Playful, stoic or serene. Joke, whisper, be awkward, be vulnerable- this is honesty and an honest energy will show in your photographs.

Talk to your photographer.

Communicate with the person who will be creating art with you that day. It is not a coincidence that the best shoots are also the ones with the best conversations. Bring up real topics and see what makes each other tick. It is more interesting and more human. 

Not perfect is OK.

There may be wind; there may be water on your shirt or dirt on your shoes. In New Jersey we are used to humidity, traffic and random thunderstorms. It's nothing a box of donuts and a good coffee can't fix so I tend to take these in stride. Life isn't perfect and we can't expect ourselves to be. What we can be is honest.

Choose a meaningful location.

A place that means something to your own personal story. A location could be beautiful, but it's best when it carries significance. Somewhere you don't mind spending hours or getting lost in. This energy sets the tone for the day.

Get comfortable.

If you could take the day off, I recommend it. Spend the day with each other and come relaxed. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that represent your own personal taste. Think minimalist- bring only what you need so you can move around. 

Bring an open spirit.

Have an idea? Let me know. I love learning from the individuals I shoot and everything comes together more if we are all open and working with each other. Seriously, ideas welcome.

Dance, laugh, spin, cry. 

If you like to dance, dance! Hold hands, jump, spin, run. Cry. There is only life and its moments with the people that matter. Moments make experiences and memories.