My wife and I promised each other on our wedding day never to settle in for good.

Now, that makes three of us...

It was one of those promises you make when you're younger. Perhaps one a bit naive at the time- an excited combination of our marriage and an opportunity to see the world that both our parents never got the chance to see.  It was never really about the destination but rather about the stuff we did in between. Sure- the secret tunnels, hidden beaches and mazes of local market stalls. But the equally mundane impressed us too- bread, milk and eggs from a store down the street from the hotel. Cheap wine, cereal bars and free spotty WiFi. That's the good and real stuff that keeps you going.

Travel has taught us to laugh off many of the things that never go quite right. Travel has taught us that it's not where you're going but who you're with. That truly being with each other is the only thing that means anything in this world. And whether it's travel with family or for weddings or workshops...

Travel has taught us how it important it is to come home. 

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