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Jose Melgarejo

Multicultural Diverse Genuine

Jose Melgarejo is a Wedding Photographer in Brooklyn New York. Father, teacher, linguist, vintage fan. Filipino roots with a commitment to diversity and respect for culture. Jose’s creative approach combines emotion and a documentary style to tell a genuine story.

New York Wedding Photographer Jose Melgarejo in Iceland

Each image reflected the essence of our love story, encapsulating the laughter, tears, and joy shared by everyone present.

Jose Melgarejo Brooklyn Wedding Photographer poses with couple

A calm, honest

Guide for your wedding

I see myself as a thoughtful and curious person. I am fascinated by people and their relationships and how life got us to where we are. A fan of the city life but also the stillness of the desert and the rush of crashing waves. I live in the New York City area with our little family of four. All of this influences my approach to weddings.

I want your wedding to be as connected as life can be, and your photos to be a genuine representation of who you are. At weddings, moments matter more than styled photographs. My job as a documentary photographer is to observe and quickly snap moments to craft a beautiful photographic story.

More on my approach here.


A thoughtful approach means that I can anticipate moments before they happen, allowing for genuine, candid shots that tell a compelling story of your wedding. This means getting to know you and your personalities so that we can connect intentionally.


Understanding your vision is essential for ensuring a smooth and connected experience with photography on your wedding day. What makes this possible is a planning process that includes personal touch points to make sure we align.


Connection is what makes great photography feel real. To make this possible, I work to ensure open and honest lines of communication and planning leading up to your wedding day.


We have to do good for the community. A portion of each booking goes towards 100cameras, a non-profit organization that teaches children how to process challenging experiences through photography. 

Commitment to Community – 100cameras

For every booking, I donate an amount to 100cameras – a New York City based non-profit organization that teaches children around the world how to process challenging experiences through photography.

Children are our world’s future, and their experiences will write the pages in the history books to come.

It has been a goal and a dream to combine the work that I love with a purpose that empowers our communities for generations. I look forward to a continued partnership with 100cameras in the months ahead.

Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | NYC

Jose Melgarejo Photography is a five star wedding photography service serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York City. With over 100 weddings photographed, Jose’s photography continues to serve couples in Brooklyn NYC and beyond.