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Wedding Photos in Barcelona | Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter for Wedding Photography in Barcelona

As you’re planning your wedding in Spain, make a stop in the heart of Barcelona. The Gothic Quarter is known for its history, architecture and armies of camera wielding tourists. Early in the morning, however, the streets in Barri Gòtic / Barrio Gótico  are relatively quiet, and at times wet— most being washed from the events of the night before. Step off Plaça Sant Jaume into the tones and shadows of the waking neighborhood. The quiet and stillness is perfect for wedding photography.

Gregorio and Nina are Barcelona locals who had recently gotten married in Costa Rica. I was in Barcelona in the Spring visiting a colleague wedding photographer David Griso who graciously connected us. We spent the morning walking through the Gothic Quarter mostly undisturbed, ducking away into a quiet alley once the main arteries and passages filled up. It was a game of chase that lead us deeper into the heart of Barri Gòtic as the sun started to cut away at the shade cast by the buildings. In the end it was a beautiful shoot, romantic, edgy with a sense of calm. 

The Best Photography Locations in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, with its labyrinthine streets and timeless architecture, provides an exceptionally romantic backdrop for wedding photos that couples dream of. This historic heart of Barcelona, known for its narrow medieval alleyways, stunning Gothic cathedrals, and picturesque plazas, offers a unique blend of old-world charm and romance. Ideal for capturing the essence of love, the Gothic Quarter exudes an atmosphere that is both mystical and enchanting, making it a top choice for couples seeking wedding photography that is as memorable as their special day. The contrast of light and shadow, along with the intricate details of the Gothic architecture, adds a dramatic flair to every photo, ensuring that each shot tells a story of love and commitment in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Moreover, the Gothic Quarter’s proximity to other iconic Barcelona landmarks, such as the Barcelona Cathedral and the Plaça del Rei, provides an array of stunning backdrops for wedding photos. Each corner of this historic district offers a new and exciting scene, from the romantic cobblestone streets to the majestic ancient buildings, creating a diverse portfolio of images. Couples can immerse themselves in the beauty of Barcelona’s rich history, capturing moments of their love among the breathtaking scenery that the Gothic Quarter has to offer. The area’s vibrant atmosphere and picturesque settings make it the perfect locale for those wishing to immortalize their wedding day in a location that encapsulates the essence of Barcelona’s charm and elegance.

If you’re looking for the best spots for wedding photography in Barcelona Gothic Quarter, consider the short list below. We started our shoot just off the Metro Stop Jaume I. It is central, easy to find, hard to miss and it’s a fantastic meeting point. From the metro stop, move slowly into the heart of the Gothic Quarter- just know that the plaza and cathedral will fill with visiting tourists later in the morning. 

The key to travel and and photography is patience. Map out your day and plan it out with your photographer. Check out the bigger plazas early and tuck yourselves away into the shadows when you need more quiet.

Planning a destination wedding in Spain or a wedding in Barcelona could be intense and I would love to help. We’ll even build in time for a good hearty coffee.

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A couple sharing a passionate kiss in the picturesque Gothic stone buildings in Barcelona.

Jose Melgarejo is a wedding photographer in Brooklyn, New York City. He works in the United States and travels worldwide.


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