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I sought to step away from all the little things that consume weddings -something that could tear us all back to the basics. Savannah and Rachel met me just outside of Cape Henlopen beach in Delaware.

We had arranged a session earlier that month with Tina Blott and a local vintage dress vendor I knew from New Jersey – Oh My Vintage. We hoped to style a session with the theme “love is love” to help represent the LGBTQ community and create a beautiful space for the story of the couple we were photographing. Savannah and Rachel.

I pushed the camera metal up to my face to shoot my first frames of Savannah and Rachel- in our little apartment rental in Delaware then on the sands at Cape Henlopen. At the latter, they had these wonderful vintage dresses. The sunlight fell just right- casting shadows here and there and then hiding behind clouds to make them purple.

We walked into the waves and sand with the sea wind cutting into our hair, hushing our words. Sometimes we were all silent, thinking. Watching the light and clouds and listening to the seabirds whistling in the reeds.

And as the warmth of the afternoon passed, Savannah and Rachel held hands and kissed and loved as if no one else was there but as if everyone they’ve ever known was there at once. Cape Henlopen was home.

I was glad to forget myself and everything else outside of the connection between the two. If could make something honest of these moments, then I would have done something more meaningful that cuts to the core.


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