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Cherry Blossoms in Central Park: Your Practical Guide for 2024

Prime Time for Cherry Blossom Engagement Sessions – Spring 2024

Twin towers of a classic building rise above a foreground of blooming cherry blossoms, suggesting a scene of spring in New York City

Central Park’s cherry blossoms transform the park into a picturesque canvas, perfect for engagement photo shoots. Use this guide for insights to help you experience this fleeting beauty, creating a backdrop that’s as memorable as your engagement itself.

The cherry blossoms in Central Park bloom spectacularly from April to May, with the peak season varying each year. For Yoshino cherry trees and Magnolia trees, the best viewing times are early to mid-April. By early May, the Kwanzan cherry trees, known for their double-petal pink flowers, begin to bloom, offering a second wave of natural beauty.

Once you get a good idea of where to go (locations are listed below), the best thing to do is get out there, explore the park and enjoy the blooms this Spring 2024!

Let’s connect on a cherry blossom shoot this Spring.

Iconic Locations for Your Engagement Photos

The Best Entrance: 72nd Street (West)


Central Park boasts several locations famed for their cherry blossoms, mainly between 72nd Street and 96th Street. My preferred route is to enter the park from the 72nd Street entrance. The subway stop is only one block away.

At the 72nd Street entrance, you’ll immediately have access to Cherry Hill, Pilgrim Hill and the Sheep Meadow, with some paths lined with blossoms as you walk between the locations. This entrance also provides you access to some of the more popular locations to the park, such as the Bethesda Fountain and the Bow Bridge.

A bit farther, and highly recommended is the Great Lawn and the reservoir, which you will find lined with the blossoming trees.

Notable spots in the park include:

  • Cherry Hill: Offers a romantic setting with its sweeping views and floral frames.
  • Pilgrim Hill: Known for its picturesque slope, ideal for capturing tender moments.
  • Cedar Hill: A quieter spot with beautiful cherry blossom views, perfect for intimate shots.
  • Great Lawn: Offers a spacious backdrop with the city skyline peeking through the blossoms.
  • Reservoir: Both east and west sides are lined with cherry blossoms, providing a water backdrop.

If you’re planning a shoot you can find some of most up-to-date information on Central Park’s official cherry blossom page.

You can also find updated locations mapped out here and here.

The best routes for photos take advantage of the central route through the park while avoiding most of the crowds that come to see the annual flowering.

Branches of a cherry tree in bloom against a pale sky.

Tips for Captivating Engagement Shoots Among the Blossoms


  • Dress with the Shoot in Mind: Coordinate your outfits with the soft bloom colors for stunning visuals. Classic, solid colors work nicely and harmonize with the floral backdrop.
  • Best Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon provides the best light and fewer crowds. In the middle of the park, there are beautiful rock formations that face west and play beautifully with the sunset against the Manhattan skyline.
  • Respect the Park: Follow Central Park’s guidelines and limitations to preserve – there are plenty of spots for great photographs and it is a matter of patience.


Let’s connect on engagement photos in Central Park:

Capturing your engagement moments in Central Park during cherry blossom season promises not just photos, but memories that embody the beauty and connectedness of nature. With careful planning, respect for the environment, and a sense of adventure, your engagement shoot will be as timeless as the love it celebrates.

Two individuals with short black hair affectionately pressing their foreheads together with their eyes closed, standing in front of a background of pink cherry blossoms in Central Park.
A New York City street lamp stands in front of a background of dense cherry blossoms in full bloom on Central Park.