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An Intimate Brooklyn Backyard Wedding

Sunny skies in Cobble Hill Brooklyn marked the start to an close-knit backyard wedding.

A visual diary of a charming Cobble Hill wedding. Bride kisses groom on the cheek.

Microblog: Backyard Weddings in Brooklyn

An Intimate Wedding in a Brooklyn Backyard


In the heart of Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill, a Lorena and Matt celebrated their intimate wedding at Wanderlustre, a boutique venue known for its unique charm and modern collector’s aesthetics. The day began under the bright, sunny skies of Carroll Park, where they shared a tender first look as a couple. The park, a gem in the neighborhood, provided a calm and picturesque backdrop for this special moment.

Cobble Hill Cinemas Photo Session

Moments after, we strolled through the quaint streets of Cobble Hill to Cobble Hill Cinemas for a photo session. The historic theater, with its iconic façade, served as a unique and visually striking setting, adding a touch of cinematic flair to their wedding photos.

Ceremony at Wanderlustre

The ceremony itself took place in Wanderlustre’s enchanting garden space, an oasis in the bustling city. This outdoor venue, capable of hosting up to 25 guests, was a perfect fit for their small, intimate gathering. Underneath the clear blue sky, surrounded by the boutique’s curated décor and the neighborhood’s historic charm, they exchanged vows in an atmosphere filled with love and light-hearted joy.

This special day in Cobble Hill wasn’t just a celebration of love but also a beautiful blend of local character and intimate, personal charm that Brooklyn’s backyard weddings have. Carroll Park and Cobble Hill Cinemas for photos, followed by a ceremony at Wanderlustre, perfectly captured the essence of a modern, intimate Brooklyn wedding.


Cobble Hill wedding: a picturesque blend of love and Brooklyn charm at Cobble Hill Cinemas

About the Venue

Wanderlustre in Cobble Hill


Wanderlustre is Cobble Hill Brooklyn’s Distinctive Gift and Home Décor Boutique. This destination offers a meticulously curated selection that caters to the modern collector. With items sourced from global markets, antique fairs, and leading design centers, the shop frequently refreshes its inventory with unique finds. Whether it’s for a personal collection or a special gift, Wanderlustre in Cobble Hill promises a delightful array of choices for every taste.

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Wanderlustre not only offers exclusive shopping experiences but also features a serene garden space for private events. This enchanting outdoor area, ideal for intimate gatherings, can host up to 25 people in a intimate setting. It’s the perfect Brooklyn venue for memorable events, from elopements to small weddings and receptions.

Cobble Hill, a quaint neighborhood in Brooklyn, is known for its historic charm blended with contemporary urban life. Its picturesque streets are lined with chic boutiques, artisanal eateries, and beautiful brownstones, making it a sought-after destination for locals and visitors.


Bride looks confidently at the camera in her wedding dress in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood
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