Questions about Wedding Photography during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a primary concern in our communities and nothing is more important than our health and safety. We are in this together and we will work together to make sure that our celebrations are what we want them to be about. People and the love between them.


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What should I consider in light of the COVID-19 Outbreak?

As the situation is continually changing, we hope that the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 is minimal. Wedding insurance companies will generally cover cancellations due to the coronavirus if you’ve enacted your policy before the outbreak, though newly purchased policies may not. Wedsafe and Wedsure are two popular and widely used wedding insurance companies.

Amdist COVID-19 and Coronavirus, are you still our photographer?

I am ready to CREATE WITH YOU at your wedding. We’ve built our Photography Agreement and Contract on the basis of trust and I have scheduled your date into my year. The answer is yes, I am still your photographer.

What if you get sick and cannot photographer our wedding? 

I have a contingency plan in place with an updated listing of professional photographers that can substitute for me in case of a dire emergency. Within this plan, the substitute photographer will have access to all the logistics and details of your wedding. If you have a second photographer, you already have someone already confirmed for the date, an additional layer of assurance for your wedding.

What do we need to tell our wedding insurance about our contract and photo agreement?

It is important that we are clear and transparent about our agreement. Retainers are non-refundable and protect our commitment and investment towards each other.  Be sure to let your wedding insurance provider know that if you cancel your wedding, your retainer is applied towards the future date for a reschedule. The new date should be scheduled within one year of the event.

What if we get sick or cannot attend our wedding?

In the unlikely scenario that you’re not able to attend your wedding, contact your wedding insurance as soon as you can so that you can get all the information about your policy and how it applies to your vendor arrangements. If you cannot attend due to government action or events outside your control, there is a provision that should apply to this scenario. From my end, I would be happy to reschedule and shoot your wedding at a future date.

What if we need to change, delay or postpone the wedding?

Changing your wedding date would mean that your retainer would be applied to the new future date based on availability. Communicate as early and as often as you need to, so that we can work ahead of the curve on a new date for your wedding.

What other advice would you have as we plan our wedding in light of the virus?

Following the standard guidelines and advice of local governments and the CDC. Guests are just like you and me- we are concerned and understanding that we need to work together as a community to protect each other to keep safe and healthy.