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Melodie and Guillaume traveled from Paris and Picardie, France to the countryside of Poppi for their destination wedding in Tuscany Italy. Poppi is in the province of Arezzo, known for its quaint town life- perhaps globally more for its vintage. Poppi town has all the trappings of a provincial pace. A florist, market and a few restaurants and forni (bakeries) line the center of town. Follow the spiraling road up and you’ll find Castello di Poppiano. A working bell tower atop with a bird’s eye view of Poppi and the hills that surround it.

Clouds over the Castello Poppi wouldn’t steal any bit of beauty away from the landscape. It would be classic Arezzo. Toscana classica. It would be the morning of Melodie and Guillaume’s Tuscan destination wedding at Antico Fio Poppi.

Melodie and Guillaume’s wedding was heartfelt and joyous. Emotions washed over as tear drops flooded the faces of their family and friends. There was singing and laughter even through the storm that passed us over- clouds, rain and hail. The sky would open up for sunset as final raindrops turned to mist…

I am happy to live through these moments. Lucky to hold a camera to my face and walk away with a story to tell after.

A Global Connection

I arrived in Tuscany days before the wedding to meet with Italian photographer Thomas Tozzi whom I would be partnering with to photograph Melodie and Guillaume’s wedding. It had been almost two years since he and I first met in the Canary Islands in Spain at a workshop for photographers. We met once again in Brooklyn, New York and made good friends since then. Thomas is incredibly gentle, talented, and a pleasure to partner with. Gratitude to him and his partner Andrea for making me feel so at home in in Italy. Grazie mille, amico.


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