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A Romantic Location for Wedding Photos by the Brooklyn Bridge

There’s something about this area in Brooklyn that has an appeal. The energy of the place is busy – tourists, taxis, ferries, locals passing through as quickly as they can. In many ways, DUMBO becomes quite private – the madness produces its own calm; the buzz its own sound of serene. Here, the entire city shrinks into a tiny cradle between bridges. The area is perfect for wedding photos in Brooklyn. DUMBO is moody, gritty and romantic all at once.

The light here is somewhat of a waterfall. It cascades blue as it falls from the Manhattan Bridge towering over and washes with the sandstone tones of the bridge’s buttresses. Rust glows orange against the mist of the river. The cobblestone and bricking trickle with slate and red.

We started our post-wedding session at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge where Autumn and Christopher got married. The rest of the afternoon were glimmers of light and conversation. Photographs in between. Brooklyn is a perfect host for an afternoon stroll.

Our trade for big open skies are skylines and silhouettes. Far enough down the river you can see the sun set into the Atlantic, but not here. Manhattan embraces the sun into the dusk; bridges and rooftops are perhaps the best way to catch the day’s final light.

But if you’re from here, you’d probably stay close to ground level. We opted for the slow route at the edge of the water to watch as Manhattan swallowed the sun. If you’re looking for wedding photos in Brooklyn, take a stroll through this neighborhood and see if it fits your energy.

I can only wish Autumn and Christopher the best. Happiness, health and goodwill.

Jose Melgarejo is a wedding photographer in Brooklyn, New York City. He works in the United States and travels worldwide.

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