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Masterclass: Photography for Beginners

I’ve spent thousands of hours routinely studying how light, color and form come together to shape a scene into a photograph.

From all these experiments I’ve learned that there are a handful of very useful tips that can produce images that make an impression.

And it has less to do with fancy expensive equipment.

I’d like to share my knowledge with you in a way that is practical and useful. Join me in a local studio and learn the essentials of creating the best photographs on your own.

From cameras to lens to preset and the software I use, I will share it all with you.

Who is this for?

If you’re a non-photographer creative or just starting out and want to get a handle on taking pictures so that you can produce consistent visuals, then this would be for you. This is for creatives who are just beginning to build their portfolios or want a refresher in shooting and editing.

What’s in a class?

The class is theory, practice and toolkit.

  • Shooting with a model and Practical Tips for live sessions
  • Interactive editing class of the actual RAW images from the shoot
  • Overview of the tools and settings to consider to produce professional level work
  • A set of color and black and white presets that I use professionally in my editing
  • The opportunity to ask questions and learn in a small group setting and access to me for support afterwards
  • Cameras available for practice

Philosophy, Photo 101, shooting and editing. We’ll meet locally for a shoot to practice. Then, I’ll preview the tools I use and helpful advice I’ve learned using them. I will share with you a preset kit to get started – I’ve designed these for professional use and are part of my toolkit. See more about presets I’ve developed here https://www.gullsandcrows.com/ and here https://www.lookslikefilm.com/product/elemental-presets/ The class is slightly over two hours for shooting and roughly one hour of online learning.

What’s your teaching style?

A balance of theory and guided practice. I got my Masters in Teaching and from 8 years of experience, this mix is the best for learning.

When and where will classes happen?

We’ll learn together as a group outdoors to get some practice in. Editing sessions will be via live Zoom. Stay tuned for new dates upcoming.

How much will access be?

Each class will be $250 per person. Payments can be flexible and split. I want as little barriers to this class as possible.

What if I don’t have a camera?

I will have different cameras on location for you to practice with. If you want to use your iPhone or Android phone I recommend two applications that replicate the concepts covered in the class. Let me know if you need a camera and I will find one that could work for you for our class.

What do we need to start?

Classes are forming now. We’ll need a group of 3+ to launch. I will be teaching using Lightroom via the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, as well as two other applications that help bring character and flow to your work. Lightroom is available here.

Contact me via email and let’s get started!