For creative professionals, education is the number one way to strengthen your craft and practice. Below are a handful of ways that you can continue to build yourself up through continuous learning.

As a licensed Educator of 8 years with a Master of Arts in Teaching, I am convinced that knowledge is always the key. At the moment, there are learning opportunities for groups and individuals – for photographers and non-photographers alike.

A Class for Creatives and Freelancers

Photography for Non-Photographers

From what camera to use to color and editing. How to set up your own in-house photography that speaks to your brand identity. A practical and in-depth class covering the basics of photography and the tools you need to produce the images you want.


An International Community

RUMBO Workshop

RUMBO Workshop is a multi-day workshop around the philosophical and technical aspects of photography. From storytelling to refining your brand identity and search engine optimization. November 19, 20, 21 in Chinatown, Manhattan New York.


A Focus on Individual Growth

Local Mentorships

Up close and personal. Analyze your individual goals for expanding in your craft. We’ll connect on a regular basis to celebrate accomplishments and create strategies in areas of growth. Both philosophical and practical and for learners who want hand-on experience.


Ongoing all year round.
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RUMBO Workshop

November 19 – 21

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