For creative professionals, education is the number one way to strengthen your craft and practice. Below are a handful of ways that you can continue to build yourself up through continuous learning.

As a licensed Educator of 8 years with a Master of Arts in Teaching, I am convinced that knowledge is always the key. At the moment, there are learning opportunities for groups and individuals – for photographers and non-photographers alike.

Photography for Non-Photographers

A Class for Creatives and Freelancers

From what camera to use to color and editing. How to set up your own in-house photography that speaks to your brand identity. A practical and in-depth class covering the basics of photography and the tools you need to produce the images you want. Classes Forming – Sign Up Now

RUMBO Workshop

An International Community

RUMBO Workshop is a multi-day workshop around the philosophical and technical aspects of photography. From storytelling to refining your brand identity and search engine optimization. March 27, 28, and 29 in Jersey City, NJ. www.rumboworkshop.com

Local Mentorships

A Focus on Individual Growth

Up close and personal. Analyze your individual goals for expanding in your craft. We’ll connect on a regular basis to celebrate accomplishments and create strategies in areas of growth. Both philosophical and practical and for learners who want hand-on experience. Ongoing all year round.

March 27 - 29


RUMBO Workshop
Jersey City

Let's Learn Together

Education is an investment in yourself and on your craft. It determines the way you see the world, the decisions you make and the connections and opportunities you choose to create.

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