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Education for Photographers and Creatives

“Creative activity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.”

The quote above by Arthur Koestler defines much of who we are as creative professionals.

My goal as a mentor is to help you identify what part of your own experience you can leverage to elevate your craft and your brand.

You become both the student and the teacher alike.

Fujifilm Wedding Photography
jose melgarejo nyc brooklyn wedding photographer 688 24
jose melgarejo nyc brooklyn wedding photographer 1500 19
Luxury Wedding photography by Jose Melgarejo. Wedding Photos in Brooklyn and New York City
jose melgarejo brooklyn wedding photographer bcn
jose melgarejo brooklyn wedding photographer 10
Destination Wedding on the Beach in the Canary Islands, Spain
Wedding Photography Shoot in the Basque Country - A man and woman stand by the cliffs at sunset
jose melgarejo nyc brooklyn wedding photographer 688 33
A couple sits on their range rover during their engagement session by Brooklyn wedding photographer Jose Melgarejo
An engaging LGBTQ couple capturing their love with photos in front of a vibrant neon sign during their engagement session.
jose melgarejo nyc brooklyn wedding photographer 1500 15
jose melgarejo brooklyn wedding photographer 2

“Learning from Jose Melgarejo is an experience that keeps you coming back, a decision you’ll never regret.”

“Words can’t describe the amount of gratitude I feel toward Jose. We met at a photography fundraiser in 2016. His energy is very welcoming and he engaged with everyone part of the event. Since then he became not only a friend but also a mentor.  He invited me to workshops, and several photo meetups and eventually welcomed me into his own workshop; RUMBO. Being a teacher he never had any problems sharing his knowledge with me, and always keen on improvement.

Throughout the past 6 years, I’ve learned so much through Jose by attending workshops with him, working as his second photographer, and being part of his photography community. These experiences have opened up many opportunities for me to work with other photographers and grow a network of like-minded people. Jose is just one of those people you’ll be happy you met, and he will always have your best interest at heart as well. Learning from him is an experience that has you coming back, a decision you’ll never regret.” – Kenneth Petiote

Building skill through practice, reflection and action: The bedrock of education for creatives.

Education and Workshops for Photographers

A tutorial from zero to fluent in photography

Photography Class for Small Groups

How to set up your own in-house photography that speaks to you and your team’s brand identity. A practical and in-depth class covering the basics of photography and the tools you need to produce the images you want. For schools, small businesses, extracurricular programs, and creative teams.


An International Community for Creatives

RUMBO Workshop

We founded RUMBO Workshop is a multi-day workshop around the philosophical and technical aspects of photography. From storytelling to refining your brand identity and search engine optimization. RUMBO Workshop 2022 was a huge success in Barcelona, Spain!

Next RUMBO Workshop to be announced.


A Focus on Individual Growth

Local Mentorships

A personalized approach for interactive learners. Analyze your individual goals for expanding in your craft. We’ll connect on a regular basis to celebrate accomplishments and create strategies in areas of growth. Both philosophical and practical and for learners who want hand-on experience and advice.


The past 10,000 hours in three sentences.

In 2008 I quit my desk job in pursuit of a greater life story. In 2012 I found love in teaching and empowering people. In 2018 – the year after I launched my photography business, I was traveling the world with my camera connecting and making art with creatives from thousands of miles away.

I would love to share a bit of what I’ve learned along the way.

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