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Couples Photo Session at the Colosseum / Coliseum

If you’re looking to have a couples or engagement session at the Colosseum, I recommend setting an early alarm for sunrise. In bigger cities like Rome, I prefer to skip the crowds that come with the morning rush and photograph at sunrise. I love people watching. But if the focus is on just two, it’s best kept to a party of few. In Rome, a 6:00 AM alarm would win you open plazas manned by only a handful of photographers and bloggers at the Coliseum; perhaps the jet lagged tourist searching for the nearest open cafe. 

Decidedly so, waking up early to photograph in the light of dawn has its benefits. Summer days are cooler, quieter, cleaner. The light is fresh and crisp without the dust kicked up by pedestrians and cars. A sunrise couples session at the colosseum sounded perfect. The day ahead would be as promising as you make it.

At sunrise we met…

Clarice and Lele met me at the Colosseum metro. We bonded over our Filipino roots and global tendencies; on language learning; on both having backgrounds in education and teaching.

Like always, I tend to move farther out as onlookers and crowds come. Perhaps for a bit of privacy and space for everyone’s sake. 

We met at sunrise by the Colosseum’s well-traveled metro station. The light was soft and glowing and the morning’s energy unfolded with the sun. From the ramp to the Colosseum we made our way to the overlook just a few meters away, then over to the university steps nearby.

I loved the simplicity of the morning. Classic and to its core, all that we’ve ever needed.

To Clarice and Lele. Love from New York to Rome.

And Congratulations <3


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