jose melgarejo brooklyn wedding photographer 21

How do I know if you are the right photographer for me?

I value diversity, respect and care for people. It comes from having been a classroom teacher for almost a decade. I like to think my photos and stories combine a feeling of romance with the realness and randomness that represents life. If this is your energy, we should without a doubt create together.

How do you work as a photographer?

I watch, listen and respond. To tell the best story, I first need to be able to observe and relate, and then photograph. Care and respect for people and moments go a long way and it shows in the pictures.

Will you pose us?

Not in the conventional sense. I like to direct folks so that they feel comfortable and natural in the positions they are in. Photography is artistic, and we should always represent what is genuinely there.

How many photos can I expect?

Generally, between 600-800 photos for a full event day. It all depends on the size of the wedding and length of the photography day.

How long until I see my gallery?

A preview gallery within two days. Typically about four to six weeks from the day of your event for the full gallery. Editing and storytelling is a personalized and meticulous process and I will not compete with the next day turnaround of some commercial groups nor do I want to. I believe that there is value in not rushing. Your wedding memories are not an assembly line.

How do I get a second photographer or videographer?

For larger events, I work with one to two dedicated associate photographers. As a photo team we are completely in sync with each other which helps incredibly when we’re shooting your wedding. For video, I partner with talented local creatives that match my energy- down to earth, respectful and professional. If you need a second photographer or video let me know and we will add that to the vision.

How are you managing health and safety during COVID?

Health and safety are priority – I want you to remember your wedding as one of the greatest moments of your life. I practice and observe all local COVID guidelines, social distancing, sanitizing and routine cleaning of all my gear. As of April 2021 I will have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

How do I inquire about photos?

Simply click HERE. Fill in the contact form and I personally will be in touch within a day.