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Two Different Approaches for Couples Who Want Both Realness and Creativity in their Photos


At weddings, moments matter more than styled photographs. My job as a documentary photographer is to observe and quickly snap moments to craft a beautiful photographic story. Engagements, on the other hand are a way to create something more styled and unique.

If you are the type that values both creativity and realness in your photos, we should start talking.

What I believe:

  • My role is to be empathetic and observant to capture human moments on camera
  • We need to find more beauty in realness, especially in today’s world
  • I allow myself to feel what is happening, too. Empathy makes for great photography

What I am not about:

  • I am not there to grab pictures for my portfolio – that’s not what weddings are for
  • Although I have them, I don’t care much about publications or features
  • Trends are interesting, but they’re not everything. We can dare to be original

If you agree with the above and want a more genuine experience…

Let's Connect!

My Process for Weddings

A man in a suit dancing at a wedding.

Your wedding day is a celebration of genuine moments, and my approach ensures every emotion is captured honestly. I blend seamlessly into the background, preserving the natural flow of your day without much intervention. With a documentary style, you’ll relive the raw and real moments that make your wedding uniquely yours.

Getting to Know You

I don’t just want to be your photographer; I want to understand your story. I meet my couples over coffee/tea or at their favorite bar (tapas?) so that we can connect personally about our sensibilities and what matters to us the most. This connection helps me capture your day in a way that truly reflects who you are.

Planning the Details

As your wedding day gets closer, we’ll dive into the details. We’ll discuss the moments that matter most to you and the people you want me to follow closely, what group photos are important to you and where these collective photos take place. We’ll build a schedule that makes sense that prioritizes your vision. All this ensures I’m ready to capture the raw, important moments effectively and discreetly as well as the people that matter the most.

On the Wedding Day

On your wedding day, I’ll be there, but I will do my best to be unnoticed. I blend into the background, allowing events to unfold naturally without intervention. An unobtrusive presence means I capture genuine moments without staging or posing, preserving the authentic emotions and connections of your celebration.

My Process for Engagements

A man and woman kiss seated on the bumper of a Range Rover in lavender fields. Photo by New York Wedding Photographer Jose Melgarejo.

Your engagement is an opportunity to create something uniquely yours, and my directed approach ensures every detail is thoughtfully curated. Together, we’ll develop a creative vision that reflects your journey, from selecting meaningful locations to exploring personal themes. Each session is a collaborative experience, designed to highlight your genuine connection and tell your love story in a cinematic way. With my guidance, you’ll feel confident and comfortable, resulting in stunning, personalized images that capture the nature of your relationship.


I start by getting to know you as a couple—your interests, your story, and what makes your relationship unique. This helps me curate a session that is perfectly tailored to you. We work together to select locations, themes, and elements that will bring your love story to life.

Creative Vision

Next, we develop a creative vision for your engagement session. This involves brainstorming ideas, exploring different concepts, and planning every detail to ensure your photos are not only stunning but also deeply personal. My directed approach provides clear guidance, helping you feel comfortable and confident throughout the session.


Finally, I focus on storytelling. Each photo is crafted to highlight the genuine connection you share, creating a cohesive and memorable collection of images. My goal is to capture the essence of your relationship, turning moments into timeless memories.