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Weddings in the Basque Country Spain


Getting married in Spain could be one of the best decisions you make. Spain is home to beautiful countrysides full of culture and picture perfect locations for a wedding. Weddings in Northern Spain and Bilbao are especially unique, and if you are planning a wedding in the Basque Country (Euskadi), you would be delighted by the regions’s natural beauty – majestic cliffs and wild beaches that hug the northern coast, and some of the best gastronomy in the world.

In July, I photographed a wedding editorial designed by Bilbao Wedding Planner Querida Julia in the heart of the Basque Country in Northern Spain. Goi – lead wedding planner of Querida Julia was kind enough to interview and provide some of the best advice for couples planning a wedding in Spain.

Below are some of the best tips and information on getting married in Spain and planning a wedding in Northern Spain, Bilbao, and the surrounding areas, such as Bizkaia. To accompany the interview, are some beautiful photographs taken on the cliffs around sunset at Barrika, where we enjoyed epic views and incredible food and hospitality.

The wedding dress you see in the photographs is designed by dress designer Alicia Rueda, one of the top designers and ateliers in Bilbao and Spain. A very special note of gratitude to the incredible effort by a wonderful team to work alongside – Goi of Querida Julia and Alvaro Sancha – both part of the international creative community of our very own RUMBO Workshop.

The Interview:

  • Why the Basque Country in Northern Spain is So Special?
  • The Best Season to Visit (and get married) in the Basque Country
  • The Best Tips for Planning a Wedding in Northern Spain and the Basque Country

Jose Melgarejo is a wedding photographer based in New York and works extensively with the Spanish wedding vendor community.


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An exceptionally beautiful countryside.

The Basque Country is a very special place, full of life, culture and tradition all within picturesque landscapes, mountains, rivers, valleys, forests that hug a rugged coastline.

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Q: What makes the Basque Country so special?


Querida Julia: The Basque Country (Euskadi) is undoubtedly a very special place, full of life, culture and tradition. It is a place full of beautiful landscapes, where mountains, rivers, valleys and forests look out over a rugged coast that offers picture-postcard views at every corner. The Basque coast and its limestone cliffs are a natural wonder that highlight the region’s wild beaches.

Nature is something remarkable in the Basque Country, but in addition to having heart-stopping landscapes, beautiful fishing villages and cultural cities full of history, Northern Spain also stands out for having one of the best cuisines in the world.

The gastronomy and culinary culture of the Basque Country is characterized by the great variety and quality in its products, such as fresh fish and the famous Basque “pintxos” which are a gastronomic tradition and pure culinary art.

Below: Preparations at the Hotel Nafarrola in a four star hotel based in the heart of the Basque County Northern Spain.

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The Basque Country's fair weather make for an all-year-round destination.

Autumn and Spring present some of the best options to visit and get married in Northern Spain and the Basque Country.

Q: When is the best season to visit and get married the Basque Country (Euskadi)?


Querida Julia: The Basque Country has its charm 365 days a year. It is true that in recent years the relatively higher temperatures in summer can become quite noticeable, so without a doubt the perfect time to visit Euskadi would be Spring or Autumn when the days still have enough daylight hours and temperatures are pleasant. The landscapes and the light that autumn gives us are truly spectacular, and in spring the mountains have an amazing green. But in my opinion, any time of the year in Northern Spain is perfect to say “Yes, I do!” in this beautiful land.

Below: Wedding Dress by Bilbao wedding atelier and dress designer Alicia Rueda coordinated with a Peaky Blinder’s style of suit by men’s suiting and design Sastrería Aldabaldetreku.

About the Dress – Alicia Rueda

The dress inspires a certain concept of liberty. Not so much seeking freedom but of being free. A liberty that flows from top to bottom with its own energy, through folds and fabric. An air of liberty that is best felt in movement and motion.


For destination weddings, Northern Spain has plenty to offer.

Planning a wedding in the Basque Country means planning for adventure and discovery in Northern Spain.

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Q: What are your top three tips for couples planning their destination wedding in the Basque Country of Northern Spain?


Querida Julia: Undoubtedly, celebrating a “destination wedding” has many advantages. You create memories of the great experience of sharing an adventure with your family and friends. You get to explore a new country, another culture – together with your guests in the days before and after the wedding.

My top three tips for a planning destination wedding in the Basque Country Northern Spain:

  • In general, destination weddings usually involve different costs than other types of weddings, so I find it incredibly useful to decide on a set budget at the very start of your wedding planning. 
  • The best advice is to start planning destination wedding at least one year in advance, since it will not only consist of organizing the the details of wedding day as well as hotel reservations, flights and the like. Therefore, choosing a date will be one of the first decisions that should be made to allow family and friends to plan in advance. Note that some or all of the guests may need to obtain a visa to enter the country.
  • When considering celebrating a “destination wedding” prepare for a greater and more involved level of organization and planning: ​​in addition to transportation, accommodation, you may want to schedule activities such as local excursions, lunches and dinners so that guests could truly experience the region at its fullest

The advantages of having a local wedding planner – especially one who is local to Northern Spain is that we know the vendors in the area and can easily recommend venues, accommodations and activities we know know fit your style and budget. Further as local planners working within the community, we help translate and manage the necessary paperwork for your wedding and the events around it and are more equipped and connected to find solutions quickly and effectively.

With the challenges of coordinating a wedding from a distance find a person you trust and a team that works well together. A wedding planner is essential for ensuring that your wedding and the events that surround it are an unforgettable experience.

A very special thanks to the Basque Country wedding community for making our creative vision a reality.


Alicia Rueda – Top wedding dress atelier in Bilbao, Spain.

Sastreria Aldabaldetreku – Mens design and fashion in San Sebastian, Spain.

Rams N Roses – Florist and designer floral in Girona, Spain

Hotel Nafarrola Bermeo – Hotel and Experience in Bermeo, Basque Country Spain.

Piero Garhe – Make up and hair design based in Oviedo, Cantabria and Madrid, Spain.

Patri and Txetxu – Our wonderful and lovely couple from Basque Country Spain.

Alvaro Sancha – Wedding Photographer in Valladolid, Spain.

Querida Julia – Top Wedding Planner in Bilbao and Northern Spain, weddings and elopements in Spain.

RUMBO Workshop – An international workshop community of photographers and artists.

Sunset in the Basque Country - Wedding Photography in Northern Spain
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