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The Greenpoint Loft Brooklyn

Venue and Event Space Information


The Greenpoint Loft is one of Brooklyn’s top wedding venues. Historically a WWII era old rope factory, the wedding venue and event space still embodies the legacy of its past – the inside of the venue retains its legacy industrial feel with exposed wood and a rooftop view overlooking the East River and Manhattan Skyline.

If you area looking for a rooftop wedding venue in Brooklyn as well as a skyline view with Manhattan sunsets, this venue should be on the short list. Greenpoint Loft is affiliated with BK Venues .


Venue Quick Facts

Venue Address: 67 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Venue Description: Historic Greenpoint, Open Concept, Industrial, Rooftop View, Skyline View

Venue Capacity: 185 Guests

Venue Contact Information: info@bkvenues.com 718-310-3040

Other historic Brooklyn venues: 26 Bridge, DUMBO Loft , Wythe Hotel

Wedding Photography: hello@josemelgarejo.com

How does Greenpoint Loft feel as an wedding venue?

Greenpoint Loft is one of those venues that create a warm and intimate energy. On a sunny day, light filters through the windows and the wooden beams throughout the loft create tones that are natural and organic. Exposed brick give the space a local character.

Guests are able to mingle and interact throughout the different levels of the venue. The main floor provides ample room for a ceremony space, reception, bar and dancefloor, and the open concept allows guests to see across from one end of the loft to another. Upstairs, guests can gather on the mezzanine (with a view of the dance floor) and watch the sunset on the rooftop.

I have seen guests move about these spaces in a way that creates connection and interaction. The design of the interior encourages wedding guests to get up and talk to one another, dance, take photos of the skyline, or engage in other activities such as photobooths (typically set up upstairs).

Wedding Photography at Greenpoint Loft

Greenpoint Loft is one of my top wedding venues of choice for wedding photos for two main reasons.

Reason number one – the loft has got a lot of local character – so if representing Brooklyn’s old and historic legacy is important to you, mark this as one of the top 5 wedding venues on your list.

Reason number two – the design of the space just works – it is fun, and encourages connection all with an industrial concept that is open while accomplishing a warm and welcoming feel.

This all matters for photography because I like to see wedding photos as a exercise in relationships and what better way to show this than by allowing guests to come together in an organic and authentic way.

Greenpoint Loft could be the perfect wedding venue for you if…

  1. Your wedding vision is to incorporate Brooklyn, Greenpoint, and a New York City style in to your wedding and wedding photos
  2. You want guests to have plenty of room to move around and interact
  3. You are looking for an industrial open concept for a wedding venue

Did seeing this help you visualize Greenpoint Loft just a bit better?

I’d be happy to talk more with about how the wedding and how planning, spaces, and photos all come together on wedding day.

Email me at hello@josemelgarejo.com and I’ll respond within a day.

A woman in a white dress holding a bouquet of flowers at a wedding venue in Brooklyn's Greenpoint Loft.
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