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Intimate Session and Couples Boudoir Inspiration

A casual indoor session in Jersey City, New Jersey. The energy is perhaps a bit of couples boudoir meets candid intimacy. To set the scene, a record played in the background as the sun peeked through the studio windows in Downtown Jersey City where I went to school. Maybe call it coffee and couples boudoir – or just a creative Saturday.

It is incredible that in our world of 7.5 billion people we meet the folks that we do- each with their own unique story. I’ve read somewhere that as we grow older we have to find a way to live with the fact that important people- people who are close to our hearts and souls will enter and exit our lives. They will leave us suddenly and gradually; they will come without plan or notice. It is also true that at certain moments we get to decide who to let in and why. What a wild concept that requires just the right amount of coincidence and confluence to make everything work. Lynn and Tony met on Hinge, and though the story is fascinating, it’s lovely to see how the story continued on past coincidence- now two stories intertwined in a second or third or fourth chapter.

I met Lynn a few times in passing. The creative community local to Jersey City is connected and Lynn manages a blog about the happenings in the area. Before our intimate session we had been talking about creating together, sending ideas and inspiration across the internet and connecting on what we had in common. Day and weeks passed, and such is the life of creatives with calendars. It’s a beautiful thing to have such an open energy with the folks I get to create with. We had an idea for a couples session, but something more intimate. Sensual but personal and genuine.

It is important to keep things simple for couples boudoir. The less complicated the better- the more authentic and genuine. Intimate couples sessions work best when you get to focus on each other. Our days are full of detail- in work and in life, we manage and process so much. Indeed details matter, but in a few years we remember the experience and emotion much more. We will recall the moments when we slowed down and stopped to be with ourselves and each other.

Below are a some of my favorite moments from our intimate couples session. Like a good book, we started with coffee and ended with the rest of Saturday. As creatives getting together to do what we do best with the energy that we believe in. Here’s a page from that book.

If you’re looking for a couples boudoir session or steamy session, reach out here.

Jose Melgarejo is a wedding photographer in Brooklyn New York City, and Northern New Jersey. See more of his work here.