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Wedding Photography in Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City Wedding Photos

Where are the Best Locations in Jersey City for Wedding Photography?

If you’ve found this page, you are likely looking for a Jersey City Wedding Photographer or photography locations for your wedding in Jersey City. Welcome and I am glad you’ve found me.

My name is Jose Melgarejo and I am a wedding photographer in Jersey City, New Jersey. I am locally and live just two miles north of Jersey City across from Manhattan, New York. Jersey City has been the place where I grew up and went to school and is a place that is incredibly personal and close to my heart. There are a ton of locations in Jersey City for Wedding Photography – Exchange Place, Liberty State Park, Downton Jersey City to name a few.


Jersey City is a Beautiful Place for Photographs

Jersey City itself is a fantastic location for a wedding with great views and very good access to New York City and the surrounding areas. Downtown Jersey City is a hub for food and culture and is also the historic center of the city. Undeniably, the city is a phenomenal place for multiculturalism, diversity and strength.

If you are traveling to the Jersey City area for your wedding or planning wedding, I can help connect you as a local and a guide. I was educated in Downtown Jersey City and the neighborhood is my old stomping grounds. Read more about me and my story here.

As a wedding photographer, I focus on documentary storytelling – moments and people, and the interactions that you, and your family and friends have between each other. You can find my most recent work here.

Calm, good and honest energy is what I bring to your wedding. As an artist I see the wedding day as a story to tell. On your wedding, I’ll be your helping hand – managing time and movement so that you can experience the day fully.

Simply fill out the contact form below and we can get to know each other better. It is best to make sure that you have wedding photography that perfectly fits who you are.

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