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A Stunning Vermont Wedding at Lake Bomoseen

Lakeside Wedding at Bomoseen Lodge and Taproom

Nestled in the Green Mountains in Vermont, Lake Bomoseen Lodge and Taproom’s view lake side is unbeatable. On a still day, the waters of Lake Bomoseen are hypnotic and mirror-like – reflecting the colors of the sky above from blue to light purple. Off Route 4 in Rutland County, Castleton Vermont is one of those small and quiet towns. Lake Bomoseen is the largest lake within Vermont and is surrounded by the Taconic Mountains. In earlier times, the towns in the area were part of the slate mining industry. Sailing around the lake you will see cliffs of exposed slate. Lake Bomoseen itself is a central icon in local lore- from giant rabbits inhabiting the islands within and monstrous eels living in the lake itself.

Enter Sharon and Kai’s Lake Bomoseen wedding at the Bomoseen Lodge. Emotional, steeped in nature and in the energy and love of their family and friends. The weekend kicked off lake side with a family barbecue at Lake Bomoseen Lodge and Tap Room. Family and friends gathered early in the morning for breakfast before for the ceremony. The water of the lake was a hypnotic purple and blue.

Those who arrived the night before caught the first light on Lake Bomoseen for their wedding. The ceremony was a boat ride away on Neshobe Island right in the middle of the lake. Shuttles took guests to the refuge and back again for the night at the Lake Bomoseen Lodge and Tap Room.

I spent the night before with Sharon, Kai and their family and wedding party and stayed at a lodge nearby. An evening barbecue on the shores of Lake Bomoseen and fireside s’mores added a familiar touch to the weekend.

Beautiful light and the lushness of nature made a lovely wedding day. As the night dimmed the shores the the lake, the energy of kindness and closeness of it all made me feel as welcome as any guest.

Wedding Photos on Bomoseen

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Bomoseen Lodge Wedding - Bride looks out towards Lake Bomoseen

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    Gratitude to the wedding team that made the day beautiful, at Bomoseen Lodge especially to the team who stayed so closely attentive to us. To Hybl Fannin Design for the beautiful layouts that made the day magic.

    From Hybl Fannin Design: “Sharon’s vision for the bouquets featured beautiful King Proteas and soft greens. We paired these with local seasonal blooms and dahlias from my own garden for the bridal bouquet. The tables were elegant yet simple with hand-laid greenery, single blooms in bud vases and tall wispy taper candles.”

    If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, and a beautiful wedding venue in Vermont to host your wedding, give a visit to the wedding team below.

    Are you planning a wedding in Lake Bomoseen or in the mountains in Vermont? See more of my work here. Read about my approach to capturing beautiful emotions in weddings.

    Venue: Lake Bomoseen Lodge and Tavern

    Floral: Hybl Fannin Design

    Her Dress: Lovely Bride

    His Suit: Indochino


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