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A classic Range Rover in Lavender – Lavender Field Engagement Session at Sunset

Cutting our own lavender at home inspired a revival blog post of this beautiful engagement session in the lavender fields of Brihuega in Guadalajara Spain. For inspiration for your own lavender field engagement session, follow the story and photographs below.

This sunset lavender field engagement session was in Guadalajara – a region just outside of Madrid known for its lavender fields and festivals – a quick search for “lavender” and “Brihuega” and you’ll find some beautiful pictures of lavender fields and landscapes in purple. The family and I were vacationing in the area staying with a photographer friend and I accompanied him on this beautiful engagement session during lavender season in mid July.

The vision for the lavender engagement session

The vision for the lavender field engagement session was nothing complicated. Our couple wanted to incorporate their classic Range Rover in an engagement shoot in the lavender fields nearby. They would meet us at the entrance road in to the fields and we would drive the dirt road in the Range Rover towards the lavender fields in bloom. In the backlit sun, the lavender fields glowed violet and we were able to walk through the rows and groves of lavender plants. We would stay in the fields until sunset and make our way back after blue hour. The engagement shoot lasted about two hours.

About the location – lavender fields of Brihuega

Brihuega is a town in the province of Guadalajara, Spain in the region of Castilla-La Mancha. La Mancha is to the southeast of Madrid roughly two hours by car. Brihuega hosts dozens of lavender fields and thousands of hectares of land dedicated to growing lavender. In peak season the space becomes a destination for tourists as well as festivals and celebrations around the flower.

This lavender field engagement session inspired us to look for lavender fields close by, and stateside. Lavender by the Bay is one of the most well-known locations in the New York area as well as others in the region here. If you’re looking for lavender in New York City itself try Governor’s Island’s lavender field by Earth Matter.

Jose Melgarejo is a wedding photographer working in Brooklyn New York City.

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A couple in lavender field poses in an engagement session at sunset with their range rover
range rover engagement session sunset jose melgarejo 3

The uncomplicated nature of the engagement speaks for itself.

An undefeated classic Range Rover on an afternoon drive at sunset. One of my earlier sessions brought to life once again. We started with details – dusty and rustic before entering the field for this lavender engagement session.

A man and woman kiss seated on the bumper of a Range Rover in lavender fields. Photo by New York Wedding Photographer Jose Melgarejo.
A man and woman walk through a field of lavender on their lavender engagement session by Jose Melgarejo

The fields were wide open and we were greeted with the unmistakeable aroma of fresh lavender.

The Spanish sun mixed with the bouquet of lavender. Bees shuttled back and forth in between rows. The light turned golden then a pinkish hue.

With the sun tucked away, we stole a few more photographs at dusk.

We had only a few more minutes. Around us – an outcropping of rocks against a sky of lavender cotton candy, and the Range Rover, waiting.

A man holds a woman as they both stand on a rock outcropping during blue hour in lavender fields
A man holds a woman as they both stand on a rock outcropping during blue hour in lavender fields
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