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Planning a Minimony in New York City could be a chance for a More Intimate Wedding Ceremony

I received an email from one of my couples getting married in 2020. They’re postponing their wedding one year out but are having a Minimony at the Prospect Park Boathouse in Brooklyn NYC. Both of them made this decision together in light of the new normal of covid. There was a very human concern for safety and the logistics of coordinating travel for guests made the change the right decision for them. As it goes now, the plan is to celebrate their anniversary with a grand wedding – when the time is right for the celebration everyone will remember. The minimony or microwedding has been a response to the impact of closures and social distancing that touches on the humanity of weddings – one that honors both timing and intimacy and values the safety of the couple’s community and circle of connections. Hosting a minimony in New York City (or a microwedding which is slightly larger) could make a lot of sense for your own personal situation. With minimonies hosting up to 10 people (including your photographer) and microweddings up to 50 guests, they’re much smaller than most celebrations. Below are some starting points for you to consider if you are planning your wedding with a minimony or microwedding beforehand.

In sum, some helpful steps in planning your minimony or microwedding:

  • Contact your wedding venue
  • Decide dates, backup dates and sequel wedding dates
  • Get your wedding team/vendors on board
  • Stay grounded in what is important

Contact Your Wedding Venue about your Minimony or Microwedding

Start by contacting your wedding venue. Most wedding venues in New York City are coordinating the steps they would need to reopen, and many have already put in place the measures needed to host smaller weddings and events on a limited basis. In conversations with venues where I have photographed weddings, two New York wedding venues in particular are set up for a minimony and many more will be available when events start to reopen later in the year. 

The Greenpoint Loft in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is an iconic old rope factory converted into a beautiful sunlit wedding venue with a rooftop view of the New York City Skyline. Greenpoint Loft is a spacious venue with plenty of character for photos as well. It only a few blocks away from the water and is set in the Historic neighborhood of Greenpoint which has its own character. The Loft is managed by BK Venues and their management has indicated that they are ready and willing to host a smaller minimony or micro wedding at their event space. Check out some Greenpoint Loft Wedding Photos here.

The Bordone LIC boasts a large rooftop for ceremonies and a skyline view of Manhattan that would be hard to beat. The space has a very open feel and can be converted and transformed to fit any vision you would like. If you’re looking for a sunset minimony with the iconic NYC skyline as a backdrop within a stone’s throw of Manhattan, then Bordone LIC would be a good place to start. From conversations with the management, the Bordone is set up for minimonies and microweddings in the their space. Check out some wedding photos at Bordone LIC here – featured on Wedding Chicks. Also, check out the Bordone LIC FAQ here.

Decide on Dates While Coordinating Your Vendor Team

The next step in planning would be to decide on dates. Once you are in touch with your venue, they should be able to predict the availability of dates in the year as well as backup dates and dates for sequel weddings (for Micromonies). With about half of the weddings still on the calendar for 2020 according to wedding planners such as Diwan by Design, many 2021 wedding dates are starting to block off due to postponements, so it is best to check with your venue, planner and vendors.

Get your Wedding Team on Board

While you are in the process of checking dates, find the availability of your wedding team. Wedding photographers and other vendors are managing changing calendars and you will want to make sure that the dates are available for your minimony or microwedding. If you are planning a minimony in NYC, you would also need to be sure that the regulations for opening would be. Venues and wedding planners / coordinators should be well versed in what the policies and requirements are for their area, as well as any permits you may need to host your event in that space.

Stay Grounded in What is Important

This should go without saying because weddings should always be focused on what is important. The minimony or microwedding should help simplify your vision what you feel matter the most to you. They are more intimate in nature and showcase love and humanity against all odds.

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