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Miami & Palm Beach Wedding Photography

Jose Melgarejo is a traveling wedding photographer based out of New York City / Miami.

He photographs weddings across the USA and Europe with an artistic and emotional approach.

Now proudly offering weddings in Miami, Palm Beach, the Florida Keys and destination weddings in 2024.

Stylish wedding at a historic villa by Jose Melgarejo Miami Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography in Miami and Palm Beach

Energy and Emotion

Two cities with such unique and bustling energy. Vibrant and diverse culture, and endless opportunities to create lasting memories.

Photography to keep our hearts beating long after the dance floor.

A classic, timeless love

Photography that you can feel

A day to celebrate for the rest of your life. My approach is to create photographs that let you feel and relive your wedding.

Genuine images with feeling and emotion.

A Story to Tell in Miami and Palm Beach

In photographs, we can tell a sensational story

Photographs have the power to romanticize our lives. They tell stories. They beg to be seen, cherished, and spoken about.

If you feel the same way, I would love to tell your wedding story.

A man and woman kiss seated on the bumper of a Range Rover in lavender fields. Photo by New York Wedding Photographer Jose Melgarejo.

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    You’re getting married in Miami / Palm Beach and you’ve hit submit – what comes next?

    I'll reach out to you about your inquiry.

    You’ve submitted your request and I’ll write back to you within a day. We connect about your vision, your inspiration and discover the things that make us tick. You can ask me all the questions you’d like about photos or weddings in general.

    You get a custom proposal to review.

    Once we connect on the details and I’ll send over a custom proposal that fits the vision and the story we will tell.

    Openness and honest dialogue.

    Use me as a resource for creative ideas and any questions that may come up. As your photographer I am interested in who you are and how I can genuinely tell your story.

    A start to a meaningful and memorable story.

    Now with trust and a shared vision we have what it takes to create something truly memorable for years to come.

    Engagement photo shoot at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens by wedding photographer Jose Melgarejo. Miami Palm Beach Wedding Photos

    Palm Beach Wedding Photographer | Miami Wedding Photographer

    Jose Melgarejo is a wedding photographer serving Miami, Palm Beach, the Florida Keys. Wedding and Editorial Photography for venues, events and destination weddings in South Florida.

    Miami is one of the best places to host a wedding in the country. From the the Palm Beaches close by to the great weather all year round, the city and its surroundings offer couples and their guests experiences to remember. From beautiful venues such as Villa Woodbine to the Vizcaya Museum and the Cruz Building to the energy of the Wynwood Arts District and Miami Beach itself, the city could just be the best setting for almost anything.

    Wedding Photography in Miami | Palm Beach Wedding Photographer | Miami Wedding Photos