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Part 1: A Brief Overview of Photography (5 Mins)


The Essence of Photography

Photography is the art and science of capturing light. It’s a process that allows us to freeze moments in time, tell stories, and communicate emotions. From the earliest days of the pinhole camera, where light was captured on photosensitive materials, to today’s advanced digital cameras, the essence remains the same: it’s all about capturing light to create an image.


A Brief Journey Through Time

The evolution of photography is a journey of human innovation. The earliest cameras were simple boxes with a tiny hole that allowed light to pass through, imprinting an image on the other side. As technology got better, so did cameras. The invention of film revolutionized photography, allowing for multiple images to be captured and developed. Fast forward to today, and we have digital cameras with sensors that capture images electronically, making the process more immediate and versatile.

As we embark on this sprint, it’s essential to understand one thing. While technology has evolved, the basic concepts of photography remain the same and still apply to even the latest devices.

At the end of this sprint you will have the knowledge of these basic principles and, with repetition and practice, you’ll be on your way to the next level!

Check your understanding: Key Takeaways

Briefly explain the transition from the earliest cameras to today's digital cameras.

The earliest cameras were simple boxes with a pinhole that captured light on photosensitive materials. With the invention of film, multiple images could be captured and later developed. Today’s digital cameras use electronic sensors to capture images, making the process faster and more versatile.

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