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Tips for the best pre wedding photos in NYC

If you are planning a smaller wedding in New York or a planning a separate reception or ceremony outside the city, pre wedding photos could be a good option for you as you plan your wedding. There has never been a better moment to consider a Pre wedding photography session in New York City. 

Pre wedding photography happens prior to your ceremony and reception, on a separate day or even at a more private union before a greater gathering with more guests. There are some benefits to pre wedding photo sessions, especially in New York City.

Pre weddings allow you much more time. Because the day is specifically dedicated to photography, you have many more hours to work one-on-one with your photographer and truly execute the vision you want. On a wedding day, a couples session could last as short as half an hour because of the schedule of events. While you can still have beautiful photographs, if you want more time dedicated to you as a couple, pre wedding photography could be the best bet for you. 

As a planner, I have always recommended pre wedding shoots! There are so many moving parts on your wedding day that I feel that is it important to dedicate time not only for you and your partner, but also for your photographer to capture your more intimate moments you will not be able to have later. It allows you to be more relaxed and not rushed, so you are able to enjoy your actual wedding with your friends and family. 

Sneh Diwan, Lead Wedding Planner at Diwan by Design

Pre weddings provide more flexibility for the locations that you pick. Over a few hours, you and your photographer can cover much more ground than on any wedding day.

New York City is home to some of the best landmarks for pre wedding photos, and timing the shoots to specific parts of the day is crucial to having an incredibly successful pre wedding shoot. 

Pre weddings would also give you the opportunity to work with your vendors before your wedding day. If you’re planning a separate ceremony or a separate reception on a different day, a pre wedding photography shoot could be an opportunity to get creative with your wedding team- stylists, florists, ateliers and planners before your wedding day with the benefit of building a relationship of trust with your wedding team. 

Yueting and Cheung’s pre wedding took place over two days across Manhattan, New York City and Fire Island in Long Island.For their pre wedding shoot, logistics were a critical piece to making sure they had the beautiful images they wanted. Especially in New York City, careful planning between photography sites, transportation, breaks, outfit changes and pre-scouting of the locations themselves all played a part in creating a successful pre wedding photography session. New York is fantastic for this – there are so many beautiful locations and landmarks that (with timing and expertise) can be incredibly personal and intimate at the same time.

We started in the morning in Soho and worked our way through Midtown with sunset at the Top of the Rock. The next day we started out with coffees at Central Park and made a trek to from Midtown Manhattan in New York City to Long Island’s Fire Island Lighthouse. They loved the ability to have creative control over their photos and still have extra time to enjoy their wedding day months later with their family and friends in Hong Kong. For more inspiration follow along on Instagram.

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