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Ludlow Hotel NYC – one of the Lower East Side’s beautiful historic landmarks

The Ludlow Hotel / Ludlow New York City is a beautiful hotel set in the Lower East Side. Gina and Peter’s wedding day started at the Ludlow Hotel with sweeping views of the New York Skyline. We started the morning with Gina and Peter with altitude and a breathe of fresh air. And ended the night with fireworks and dance. Good energy with a bit of flair.

Enter from street and you will find the Ludlow New York City’s brick facade complements the historic feel the neighborhood around it. Immediately wedding guests are greeted by a the beautiful mood of the lobby and patio. Take the elevators a few stories up and you rise above the surrounding buildings for a view of New York City’s rooftops and skyline. The streets below bustle with life and traffic which you can hear – now notably distant – from the balconies of the Ludlow above.

Iconic views at the Ludlow Hotel to start the day. New York City has a certain style, demeanor, attitude, charm. If you want classic style and New York City’s grit and glamour, this would be it.

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Planning your wedding at the Ludlow Hotel? Make sure to visit this checklist that will help you as you plan. Check out more photos of the Ludlow via the Venue Report.

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