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Wedding Photography | Brooklyn NYC

When Love Becomes a Photograph

Two men in tuxedos joyfully holding hands and dancing on a city bridge, with a skyline in the background, celebrating their wedding.

Documentarian, not Director


Photographs are tiny windows into our lives. They have the power to capture raw beauty and unspoken emotions that often go unnoticed, and hold the power to move hearts. Perhaps photos are a peek into our souls – instances that, for a moment, reveal the connection between us all.

My roots in wedding photography started in Brooklyn, New York City. After almost a decade, my journey camera has taken me around the world, offering glimpses of what life and love is like for so many people.

I offer a documentarian approach to weddings, which just means that I prefer to let stories unfold rather than direct the action. This allows a more genuine and soulful energy to flow through our photo sessions and portraits.

Two brides embracing during their wedding ceremony in the desert.

Learn more about my approach to weddings, schedule a call for your wedding in Brooklyn (or elsewhere).

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